Hebrew University regulations governing Post-Doctoral Fellows

Excerpts from the University Regulations Governing Post-Doctoral Fellows:


    1. Postdoctoral research will be conducted under the supervision of a faculty member.
    2. All postdoctoral fellows will be registered in the Department of Student Administration.
    3. A postdoctoral fellowship must commence within 5 years of obtaining a PhD. A postdoctoral fellowship may be awarded for a period not exceeding four years. Grants that are awarded by the University Fellowships Committee are for the duration of one year, with the possibility of extension for one additional year only.
    4. Grants are intended to enable postdoctoral fellows to devote themselves exclusively to their research.
    5. The award of a grant may not be made conditional upon the performance of any work whatsoever other than the postdoctoral research in which the postdoctoral fellow is engaged.
    6. As a rule, the University will not terminate a postdoctoral fellowship prior to the predetermined term of the fellowship. In exceptional cases, however, a fellowship may be terminated at an earlier time, subject to the approval of the Dean and for reasons given in writing. In that event, the Fellow will be given two months advance notice of termination.
    7. Questions concerning the possibility of obtaining permission to engage in other work should be addressed to the person responsible for postdoctoral fellows in the Department or the Faculty. Employment within the Hebrew University shall be for pay and not on a voluntary basis.
    8. All the intellectual rights pertaining to any invention developed by a postdoctoral fellow as a result of and/or in the course of his/her research work at the Hebrew University and/or resulting from the use of university laboratories or property shall entirely belong to the University. The postdoctoral fellow will be entitled to royalties deriving from patent registration of any such invention, as prescribed in the University regulations.

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