Ph.D. program

Ph.D. Track in Brain Sciences: Computation & Information Processing

This track is available throughout the academic year for candidates who hold a master’s degree and who have met the following conditions:

  • Completed a master’s degree with thesis grade higher than 85.
  • Obtained the written consent of an ELSC member as the doctoral advisor.

Under these conditions, candidates are welcome to submit their application, consisting of the following items:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Bio and motivation letter (one page)
  • Grade transcripts and diplomas
  • Invitation letter from an ELSC member
  • Recommendation letters (the recommenders can send it to

These items should be combined into one PDF and sent to

The ELSC teaching committee will review the application, and will take into consideration the candidate’s academic background.

Accepted candidates must complete the Ph.D. track’s prerequisite courses within two years. (The ELSC teaching committee, in consultation with the accepted candidate’s advisor, will determine which courses the accepted candidate must take.) In the third year, the accepted candidate must register as a research student at the university’s Authority for Research Students. 

Scholarships in this track are the responsibility  of the advisor. The ELSC Ph.D. program provides no scholarships for this track.

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