Direct Track Scholarships


ELSC provides full tuition for the first two years of study. After the student registers as a doctoral student (Stage A), ELSC provides tuition for up to three additional years.


ELSC offers a generous five-year stipend of approximately 7,100 NIS per month for the first two years and approximately 4,000 NIS per month for the subsequent three years. This is contingent upon the student registering as a doctoral student, 4,000 NIS granted through the ELSC teaching program and the remainder from the hosting lab, potentially totaling up to 10,000 NIS. All subject to funding regulations.

Additionally, ELSC encourages its students to apply for prestigious doctoral scholarships from both Israeli and international organizations. Approximately 20% of ELSC students have won excellence scholarships from organizations such as Google, IBM, the Adams Foundation, the Azrieli Foundation, and many more.

Travel Grants

In the spirit of encouraging and promoting academic excellence, ELSC provides generous, annual travel grants to its students to present their work at conferences and workshops around the world. Participation in the course or workshop must be relevant to the student’s field of study. To participate in a conference, the student must present his/her work, either as a lecture or as a poster. Matching financial support must be provided by the student’s adviser/host, department and/or the Hebrew University.

Travel Support Procedure – Hebrew
Travel Support Procedure- English
Appendix A – Hebrew
Appendix A – English
Appendix B
Expense Report


ELSC provides generous, annual travel grants to its students to attend the annual meeting of the Israeli Society for Neuroscience (ISFN) in Eilat, Israel. Since most First- and Second-Year students do not yet have a lab or their own research to present, ELSC pays the registration and accommodation expenses so they can attend the conference.

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