The Brain Circle

The Brain Circle (BC) brings together groups of enthusiastic friends and supporters of ELSC who share the dream of improving our understanding of the brain and developing cures for brain-related diseases. The BC is a one-of-a-kind intellectual endeavor that is now in its second decade. The contributions of BC members to ELSC’s activities help shape the future of brain research.

By becoming a BC member in 2021, you will:

  • Help support fellowships for ELSC Ph.D. students.
  • Learn about the latest developments in brain research directly from ELSC’s experts.
  • Gain exclusive access to the BC annual weekend meetings, organized in luxurious destinations worldwide. During these meetings, ELSC faculty share their findings on the latest, most exciting topics such as memory, the aging brain, and brain-inspired technologies. World-renowned artists and scholars are often featured as well. Past BC events have featured Michal Rovner, Ron Arad, and Sir Antony Gormley.

To learn more and to join the BC, please contact Kim Banaji, resource development specialist at ELSC:

Tel: +972-2-549-4719


“Working memory”