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Dr. Inbal Goshen to provide mentoring for students from multiple schools around Jerusalem

In preparation for the high school matriculation exams: 140 Hebrew University graduate students are volunteering to tutor high school students in schools throughout West and East Jerusalem.

Heading the new project – which began last week and is designed primarily to help high school students prepare to sit for the high school matriculation exams during the Corona Crisis – is Dr. Inbal Goshen, from the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences at the Hebrew University. Dr Goshen noted that “there is still much to do. I hope that the publicity will lead more students to volunteer” 
Dr. Inbal Goshen from the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences at the Hebrew University – who last year taught a course offered through the Hebrew University to youth at the well-known LEYADA high school (High School Near the Hebrew University), decided to take up the challenge and help Jerusalem high school students prepare for exams. 
“Someone had to do it. It happened that I was the first,” said Dr. Goshen this week. She sent letters to the heads of faculties, departments and courses and to many graduate students (master’s and doctoral students) at the Hebrew University – including from the ELSC Center, the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Law Faculties, asking them to help form a team of volunteers. 
To Dr. Goshen’s great joy, by Tuesday – within less than a week after she sent out the call – over 140 students from all departments at the Hebrew University registered to volunteer in the program. Mostof the students agreed to tutor students in various fields such as physics, mathematics, biology, English language and expression, Arabic, and even computer science, history and Bible who will offer online mentoring to high school students who need help preparing for the high school matriculation exams – or who need any other type of assistance.

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