TRP channels and Ca2+ signaling

There is a rapidly growing interest in the family of transient receptor potential (TRP) channels because TRP channels are not only important for many sensory systems, but they are crucial components of the function of neurons, epithelial, blood and smooth muscle cells. These facts make TRP channels important targets for treatment of diseases arising from the malfunction of these channels in the above cells and for treatment of inflammatory pain. TRP channels are also important for a growing number of genetic diseases arising from mutations in various types of TRP channels. The Minerva-Gentner Symposium on TRP channels and Ca2+ signaling, which took place in Eilat, Israel (February 24–28, 2006) has clearly demonstrated that the study of TRP channels is a newly emerging field of biomedicine with prime importance. In the Eilat symposium, investigators who have contributed seminal publications and insight into the TRP field presented their most recent, and in many cases still unpublished, studies. The excellent presentations and excitement generated by them demonstrated that much progress has been achieved. Nevertheless, it was also evident that the field of TRP channels is still in its infancy in comparison to other fields of ion channels, and even the fundamental knowledge of the gating mechanism of TRP channels is still unsolved. The beautiful location of the symposium, together with informal intensive discussions among the participants, contributed to the success of this meeting.

Authors: Minke B
Year of publication: 2006
Journal: Cell Calcium, Volume 40, Issue 3, Pages 261-275

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