Rapid Dark Recovery of the Invertebrate Early Receptor Potential

The recovery in the dark of the early receptor potential, as a direct manifestation of the state of the visual pigments, has been studied by intracellular recording in the ventral photoreceptors of Limulusand lateral photoreceptors of Balanus. The recovery is exponential with 1/e time constants of about 80 ms at 24°C for both preparations and 1800 ms at 4°C for Balanus. The 24°C rate extrapolates to total recovery of the pigment within 2 s. The later part of the dark adaptation of the late receptor potential, which may take from seconds to minutes in these preparations, appears thus to be unrelated to the state of the pigment.

Authors: Hillman, P., F.A. Dodge, Jr., S. Hochstein, B. Knight and B. Minke
Year of publication: 1973
Journal: Journal of General Physiology, vol. 62 no. 1 77-86

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