Position effect variegations and brain-specific silencing in transgenic mice overexpressing human acetylcholinesterase variants

Position effect variegations as well as brain-specific silencing were observed in novel transgenic mouse pedigrees expressing human acetylcholinesterase (AChE) variants. Muscle AChE activities varied between 1.6- and 350-fold of control in these lines, one carrying insertion-inactivated InE6-AChE and two with ‘readthrough’ I4/E5 AChE, all under control of the ubiquitous CMV promoter. In contrast, brain AChE levels remained within a range of 1.5-fold over control, suggesting an upper limit of brain AChE which is compatible with life.

Authors: Sternfeld M, Patrick JD, Soreq H.
Year of publication: 1998
Journal: J Physiol Paris. 1998 Jun-Aug;92(3-4):249-55.

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