Optimization principles of dendritic structure


Dendrites are the most conspicuous feature of neurons. However, the principles determining their structure are poorly understood. By employing cable theory and, for the first time, graph theory, we describe dendritic anatomy solely on the basis of optimizing synaptic efficacy with minimal resources.


We show that dendritic branching topology can be well described by minimizing the path length from the neuron’s dendritic root to each of its synaptic inputs while constraining the total length of wiring. Tapering of diameter toward the dendrite tip – a feature of many neurons – optimizes charge transfer from all dendritic synapses to the dendritic root while housekeeping the amount of dendrite volume. As an example, we show how dendrites of fly neurons can be closely reconstructed based on these two principles alone.

Authors: Cuntz H, Borst A, Segev I,
Year of publication: 2007
Journal: Theor Biol Med Model. 2007; 4: 21.

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