Billing info

Please use this link to book yourself a microscope. Please use this link to book yourself a consulting session.
The microscopy usage rates are valid for peak hours: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-17:00. A 50% discount is applicable for off-peak hours. Training sessions cost twice as much.

Service HUJI users Non-HUJI academic users Non-academic users Comment
Neuro-photonical consulting ELSC user: Free Non-ELSC user: 800 ILS/h 1,600 ILS/h 3,200 ILS/h Book through
Widefield microscope 50 ILS/h 100 ILS/h 300 ILS/h
Light-sheet microscope 70 ILS/h + reagents 140 ILS/h + reagents 420 ILS/h + reagents Mandatory laser safety training.
Multi-photon microscope 50 ILS/h (Launch price) 100 ILS/h 300 ILS/h Mandatory laser safety training and on-site safety training.
Surgery room 10 ILS/h 20 ILS/h 60 ILS/h
HIVE server ELSC labs: Free Non-ELSC labs: 100 ILS/week Not available Not available HUJI members only.

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