Unit Facilities

Wide-field fluorescence microscope - Olympus IX83P2ZF

This microscope is designed for fast, sensitive imaging of large sections.

Key features:

    • 9-slide stage
    • Plate stage
    • Universal dish stage (35mm and 60mm)
    • 95% Quantum efficiency camera: 2048×2048 pixels with 16-bit depth
    • 6 separate illumination LEDs, 7 excitation filters, 6 dichroic mirrors and 7 emission filters for every practical combination of excitation and emission.
    • Fast filter wheels
    • A wide variety of objective lenses:
      • 4x
      • 10x
      • 20x – long working distance
      • 20x – high NA
      • 40x
      • 60x water
    • Hardware-based, fast, continuous autofocus (not an option for 4x magnification).
    • Quad dichroic mirror for high-speed channel switching (DAPI, GFP, mCherry, Cy5) and individual mirrors with high sensitivity (for CFP, YFP, GFP, mCherry, Cy5).

LED excitation lights – Lumencor spectraX

    • Violet: 395/25nm, 295mW
    • Blue: 440/20nm, 256mW
    • Cyan: 470/24nm, 196mW
    • Teal: 510/62nm, 62mW
    • Green-Yellow: 570/80nm, ~600mW
    • Red: 640/30nm, 231mW

Excitation filters (on fast wheel):

  • ET395/25x
  • ET470/40x
  • ET485/25x
  • ET550/20x
  • ET560/40x
  • ET620/60x
  • ET640/30x
  • Free

ET436/20x – permanent on blue LED

Dichroic mirrors (separate wheel):

    • 89100bs – sedat quad for fast switching
    • T455lp
    • T495lpxr
    • T565lpxr
    • T585lpxr
    • T660lpxr
    • Open slot for custom filter cubes
    • Free

Emission filters (fast wheel):

    • ET455/50 nm
    • ET480/40 nm
    • ET525/36 nm
    • ET525/50 nm
    • ET605/52 nm
    • ET630/75 nm
    • ET705/72 nm
    • Free

To identify the right filter/fluorophore combination for your experiment, please use: https://www.fpbase.org/spectra/ This tool supports all catalog numbers for components and all possible fluorophores.

Multi-photon resonance microscopes (LOTOS)

These two microscopes are designed for deep imaging through light-scattering tissues, such as the living brain.

Key features:

  • Two independent microscopes (Cajal & Golgi), both fed by a Chameleon Vision II femtosecond laser.
  • Acquisition rates of up to 1,000 frames per second using resonant-galvo scanners, implementing Low-power Temporal Over-Sampling (LOTOS) imaging for reduced photodamage.
  • PMT2101/M GaAsP PMTs.
  • Rapid beam power modulation using Conoptics 350-105 / 350-50 electro-optic modulators and 302RM high voltage amplifiers.
  • Light-tight, soundproof Faraday cages.

Future upgrades:

  • Time-tagged photon counting with a temporal precision of 42 picoseconds, for improved signal-to-background and ΔF/F ratios.
  • Fluorescence lifetime microscopy, second harmonic generation (SHG) and gated imaging.
  • Ultra-stable beam alignment using 3D Optix optomechanics.
  • Rapid volumetric imagery of the living brain at up to 320 volumes per second. (Pending user demand)
  • Super-continuum femtosecond excitation for deeper, non-degenerate two-photon and three-photon microscopy at ~1,300nm and ~1,650nm. (Pending user demand)

Light Sheet Microscope - La-Vision Ultramicroscope II

This microscope is designed for fast, high-resolution scans of large cleared samples (e.g., with iDISCO or Clarity).

Key features:

    • A chemical hood for safe work with organic solvents (e.g., DBE and ECi).
    • 3 sheets for minimal light obstruction.
    • A huge working distance (> 9mm) for most objective lenses
    • High-end sCMOS camera: 2,560×2,160 pixels, pixel size 6.5×6.5 μm²
    • Dynamic focus for axial sweeping.
    • Fixed lens configuration:
      • 3x/2.6x
      • 4x/8x
      • 12x/24x
    • Zoom body configuration
      • 63-6.3x adjustable zoom

Excitation lasers:

  1. 405nm: 100mW
  2. 488nm: 85mW
  3. 561nm: 100mW
  4. 639nm: 70mW
  5. 785nm: 75mW

Emission filters:

  1. 460/40 nm
  2. 525/50 nm
  3. 620/60 nm
  4. 680/30 nm

HIVE analysis server

The HIVE is an analysis and communication server designed for imaging core facilities. It is composed of three servers:

  • A network server, which is connected directly by 10 Gbit wiring to each microscope and allows data transfer rates of up to 1 Gbit per second, facilitating online analysis and direct acquisition to the HIVE storage. In addition, the server provides fast remote access to the HIVE with a personalized Windows environment.
  • A storage NAS RAID6 server, which supplies 52TB (easily expandable) of super high-speed (up to 2.2 Gbit per second) safe storage for analysis.
  • A core Windows 2019 processing server, which holds high-speed 512 GB RAM (expandable to 2 TB) with Intel Xeon Silver 20 Core/40 thread CPUs and NVIDIA RTX8000 with 48 GB GPU-RAM (biggest capacity GPU on the market).

For more information, see: https://www.acquifer.de/data-solutions/

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