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The Eric Roland Chair in Brain Sciences
The NeuroPlasticity lab

Learning related plasticity in the auditory system

We aim to understand the neuronal basis of learning and memory in the auditory system, focusing on cortical circuits. We study perceptual learning and category learning as two lifelong processes that shape brain function and behavior in adults. To study the mechanisms of these types of learning we use mice. We developed automated behavioral systems to train groups of mice on complex behavioral tasks like perceptual learning and categorization. We use a variety of techniques, including electrophysiology, multi-unit arrays recording and imaging to follow single neurons as mice learn, memorize and behave.

And in Olfaction – We have similar interests in olfaction and related olfactory circuits.

Parental plasticity

Parental plasticity is manifested by hormonal and physiological changes across the body including in the brain. We study parental plasticity in the context of auditory and olfactory perceptions. We use the mouse as a model to study how pup vocalizations and pup odors are recognized by their parents. We track how these cues are processed and perceived along the neural circuits responsible. Anatomical, physiological and behavioral methods are integrated to solve the complexity underlying sensory-driven parental behaviors.

How do adult born neurons shape olfaction?

The mammalian brain maintains few neurogenic niches in adulthood. One of these regions is the subventricular zone, which is supplying new inhibitory neurons to the olfactory bulb. The functional role of this unique form of network plasticity remains unknown. We use various tools including mouse genetics combined with imaging to study how these new-born neurons shape the neuronal code in the olfactory system.

Adi Mizrahi


Phone: +972-2-6585163
Lab Phone: +972-2-6585163
Office Phone: +972-2-6586460
Address: The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences
The Suzanne and Charles Goodman Brain Sciences Building,
Level 2, Room 1204, Edmond J. Safra Campus,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 9190401
The Eric Roland Chair in Brain Sciences
The NeuroPlasticity lab
Elham Taha
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PhD Student
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PhD student
Meirav Givon
Lab Technician
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Tav Cohen
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Gil Roi
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Adria Dym
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Amichai Lavi-Rudel
MSc Student
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Tamar Preminger
MSc Student
Gideon Rothschild
Haran Shani Narkiss
Itamar Landau
Gilead Raday
Natan Gold
Rachel Nissim
Libi Feigin
Hagit Kopel
Yoav Adam
Yoav Livneh
Yael Shlomai
Ido Maor
Amit Vinograd
Ronen Eavry
Lior Cohen
Maya Groysman
Hadas Lapid
Yishai Elyada
Gen-ichi Tasaka
Ariel Gilad
Elena Kudryavitslaya
Omri Gilday
Claudia Maggi
Tohar Sion Yarden 001
Tohar Sion Yarden
Tohar S. Yarden, Adi Mizrahi, Israel Nelken

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Adi Mizrahi

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Positions are available for 2022:
– PhD student position.
– Postdoctoral trainee position.

The Mizrahi lab is using state of the art imaging, electrophysiological and behavioral tools to study neural correlates and neural/cellular mechanisms of learning, as well as during social interactions.

We accept students through several graduate programs of the Hebrew University. Our students come from various backgrounds in one or more of these areas – Brain Sciences, Biology, Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry.

Further details: For more information, please contact: Adi Mizrahi:
Eric Roland Professor in Brain Sciences

Adi Mizrahi


Phone: +972-2-6585163
Lab Phone: +972-2-6585163
Office Phone: +972-2-6586460
Address: The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences
The Suzanne and Charles Goodman Brain Sciences Building,
Level 2, Room 1204, Edmond J. Safra Campus,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 9190401

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