Future Perspectives on Statistical Shape Models in Computer-Aided Orthopedic Surgery: Beyond Statistical Shape Models and on to Big Data

Statistical shape modeling (SSM) of bone surfaces is now the state of practice in industry and is gaining relevance in the clinical setting. In this chapter, we review the main technical, clinical, and scientific uses of SSMs and their associated techniques. We then survey the leading companies that use SMMs and related modeling techniques as part of their core technology to provide a variety of services and discuss three key issues they raise: What is the scope of SSM generation methodologies? How should the resulting SSMs be validated? How can the individual surface models and SSMs be made available to the community? We conclude with considerations of the main challenges that lie ahead for SSMs and the expected effect of “Big Data” on them.

Authors: L Joskowicz
Year of publication: 2018
Journal: Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery for Hip and Knee pp 199-206

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