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Inbal Goshen

Associate Professor

Phone: +972-2-6585716
Address: The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences
The Suzanne and Charles Goodman Brain Sciences Building,
Level 1, Room 1104, Edmond J. Safra Campus,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 9190401
Neurons and Glia in Memory Lab
The Belgian Friends Optogenetics Laboratory

What underlies the transition from recent to remote memory? How does local modulation of neuronal activity by glia cells directly affect plasticity and behavior?  To solve these puzzles we employ a variety of research approaches, integrating behavior, calcium imaging, electrophysiology and molecular biology, and apply optogenetics or chemogenetics in all of these levels.

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Talia Sternberg
Undergrad Researcher
Nechama Novick
Undergrad Researcher
Yael Morose
M.Sc. Student
student Lior Naggan - inbal goshen
Lior Naggan
M.Sc. Student
Yaara Aram
Undergrad Researcher
Noa Rubin
Undergrad Researcher
Hodaya Stern
Undergrad Researcher
Stefano Quaglioni
Stefano Quaglioni
PhD Student
שי מירון
Shay Meron
PhD Student
Adi Doron
PhD Student
Ron Refaeli
PhD Student
student Tirzah - inbal goshen
Tirzah Merzel Kreisel PhD
Research Associate
Adi Kol
Adar Adamsky
Adi Doron, Alon Rubin, Aviya Benmelech-Chovav, Netai Benaim, Tom Carmi, Ron Refaeli, Nechama Novick, Tirzah Kreisel, Yaniv Ziv & Inbal Goshen

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Ron Refaeli, Inbal Goshen

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Inbal Goshen, Raz Yirmiya, Adi Kol

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Kol A, Goshen I

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Refaeli R*, Doron A*, Benmelech-Chovav A, Groysman M, Kreisel T, Loewenstein Y, Goshen I

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Adi Doron, Inbal Goshen

Neuron Volume 105, Issue 1, Pages 9-11 (2020)

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We are always happy to add talented and motivated students to our group!

Graduate Students
We are looking for highly motivated and creative students who are passionate about neuroscience, and would like to be involved in multidisciplinary research examining the role of glia cells and neurons in behavior. Students will have the opportunity to acquire a variety of techniques, from molecular biology and electrophysiology, to imaging and behavior.

Postdoc candidates with experience in imaging / electrophysiology / behavior are welcome to send their CV, along with contact information for 2-3 references.

Undergraduate Students
The lab is happy to offer undergraduate students the opportunity to experience science first hand. Each student is first mentored by a Ph.D. student, and then expected to run their own project independently. Relevant majors: Biology, Physics, Cognitive Sciences, Computer Sciences, Chemistry.

Inbal Goshen

Associate Professor

Phone: +972-2-6585716
Address: The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences
The Suzanne and Charles Goodman Brain Sciences Building,
Level 1, Room 1104, Edmond J. Safra Campus,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 9190401

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