Postdoctoral Opportunities

Postdoc opportunity in the Omer lab: “Space, Time & Memory, for self and others, in the Hippocampus"

Position description: Dr. David Omer, principle investigator at the Safra Center for Brain Sciences, is seeking a talented, dedicated and enthusiastic postdoctoral fellow interested in working with marmosets to join his lab. The lab focus is on studying the neural circuits basis of perception of Space, Time and Memory, for Self and Others, in the primate brain. The selective applicant would develop behavioral paradigm to asses cognitive process in marmosets as model for the human brain and behavior. They would establish in vivo, wireless electrophysiological recordings from marmosets during natural behavior, with a focus on understanding represetations of Space, Time and Memory for Self and Others in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex.

Training Environment:  The lab is part of the Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC;, at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem, Israel. ELSC is an interdisciplinary global leading computational neuroscience research center, combining theoretical, biological and cognitive approaches to neuroscience. ELSC team is composed of a powerful mix of top scientists from different disciplines, who lead groundbreaking and interdisciplinary research on the relationships between brain computations, neuronal circuits, and behavior.


Applicants must have a Ph.D. in a neuroscience-related discipline.  Applicants with additional training in in-vivo electrophysiology, circuit manipulation technologies, and/or automated behavioral analysis are particularly encouraged to apply. Strong interpersonal, communication, and critical thinking skills, as well as a dedication to teamwork and collaboration, are qualities sought in any new addition to the lab.

Further details:

Application review will be ongoing until the position is filled. For consideration, interested candidates must e-mail their CV and a statement of research interests to Dr. David Omer (  Reference letters will be requested upon follow-up.


“Working memory”