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Prof. Aviv Mezer wins a Prusiner-Abramsky Research Award in Clinical and Basic Neuroscience

ELSC is delighted to announce that Prof. Aviv Mezer has received a Prusiner-Abramsky Research Award in Clinical and Basic Neuroscience from the Hebrew University.

The Prusiner-Abramsky Research Awards, named for Hebrew University professors Stanley Prusiner and Oded Abramsky, are given to outstanding researchers at the Hebrew University and The Hadassah University Medical Center in the fields of clinical and basic neuroscience. Prof. Mezer won one of the three awards for 2023, each for $50,000 and provided with the support of the Orion Foundation (Australia).

The goal of Prof. Mezer’s research is to map human brain structures in vivo and to understand how brain structure and function are related. The Mezer group is developing tools to explain the biophysics of brain MRI signals at different levels and resolutions: from molecular local sources to cellular organization to networks that span the whole brain. Prof. Mezer uses these tools to study brain development and aging in normal populations, as well as neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Ultimately, Prof. Mezer wants to show how individual-specific biological structures affect human cognition, under both normal and pathological conditions.

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