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ELSC congratulates Dr. Naomi Habib for winning the 2021 Krill Prize

The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC) is delighted to announce that Dr. Naomi Habib has been awarded the prestigious Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research for 2021.

Dr. Habib’s research focuses on the mechanisms that lead to the devastating and currently incurable brain diseases of advanced age, such as Alzheimer’s disease. To tackle this challenge, she applies cutting-edge technologies along with computational modeling to map molecular changes in all cells of the aging brain at high resolution. These cellular maps may help uncover new triggers of neurological diseases, and also may identify protective molecules that can promote healthy aging. Dr. Habib explores the communication between different brain cells, and also elucidates the impacts of the immune system and environmental risk factors on brain health. Dr. Habib strives to bridge the knowledge gap in aging research by developing new experimental models and technologies that will contribute to effective treatment or prevention strategies.

The Krill Prize is awarded to ten recipients annually. Award winners are untenured lecturers or senior lecturers at Israeli universities and come from the fields of exact sciences, life sciences, medicine, agriculture and engineering. Read more about the Krill Prize at the Wolf Foundation website.

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