The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Ph.D. in Brain Sciences: Computational and Information Processing

Unraveling the mysteries of the mind and the brain is one of the most fascinating endeavors of the 21st century. At ELSC, we believe that the key to solving this mystery lies in interdisciplinary research, and must therefore combine theoretical, biological and cognitive approaches in neuroscience.

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Minor Track in Computational Neuroscience

Computational neuroscience is a new and ambitious research discipline, reflecting a deep conviction among scientists worldwide that (i) the brain enigma is clearly beyond the scope of any one research field; (ii) to fathom the mysteries of the brain, we need to develop a new theoretical framework that will enable us to associate the different levels of brain function - from molecules to neurons to networks to systems to behavior; (iii) understanding the multifaceted nature of the functioning brain requires close collaboration across experimental fields - biology, medicine and cognitive psychology - in addition to theoretical concepts and tools derived from physics, computer science and mathematics. For many years, the Hebrew University has been one of the leaders in this field. 

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