Lior Lebovich


My PhD studies focus on choice, choice biases, their dynamics and their neural basis.

Along these investigations I use computational modeling, behavioral experiments and advanced quantitative analysis.

Research projects and collaborations:

  • In collaboration with Prof. David Hansel at CNRS, Paris:
    We quantified idiosyncratic choice biases and provided theoretical evidence that such biases emerge naturally from intrinsic stochasticity in the dynamics of neural networks (Lebovich et al., Nat. Hum. Behav., 2019). We now use idiosyncratic choice biases as a window to study the stability of the microscopic dynamics that underlie choice.
  • In collaboration with the lab of Prof. Benjamin de Bivort at Harvard university:
    We study the temporal and spatial dynamics of choice in freely walking Drosophila.
  • In collaboration with Dr. Dan Rokni at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem:

We account for the distinctive choice behavior observed in mice performing odor discrimination tasks.

Additional topics of interest:

  • Choice-induced biases
  • Intertemporal choice
  • Indecision
Yonatan Loewenstein

“Working memory”