Exchange Stiffness and Macroscopic Anisotropy in Heisenberg Spin-Glasses

The consequences of rotational-symmetry breaking in Heisenberg spin-glasses are studied with use of order parameters which are time-dependent SO(3) rotation matrices. A microscopic derivation of the hydrodynamic “triad” theory, including the effect of small magnetic fields and random anisotropies, is presented. In the mean-field limit the finite-time exchange stiffness and macroscopic anisotropy constants vanish near the transition temperature Tg as (Tg−T)μ, μ=3.

Authors: H. Sompolinsky, G. Kotliar, and A. Zippelius
Year of publication: 1984
Journal: Phys. Rev. Lett. 52, 392 – Published 30 January 1984

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