Art At The Goodman Building

Winners announced for the ELSC photography competition

The scientific photography competition at The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences at the Hebrew University has come to an end, and we are happy to announce the winning photos.

Nine winning photographs were selected. These photographs were composed by 13 scientists from many ELSC laboratories. The judging committee was composed of Prof. Merav Ahissar, Dr. Lilach Avitan, Prof. Yoram Burak, Dr. Naomi Habib, and ELSC executive director Orit Ozana.

“During the competition we looked for outstanding images that activate the viewer’s imagination and produce a collection of associations that are not necessarily close to the subject being photographed,” said Prof. Ahissar.

Michal Mor, the Hebrew University’s art curator, describes the complexity of translating a scientific photo to an aesthetic work of art: “As a curator that comes from the fields of art, what I search for in a scientific picture is the aesthetics, harmony, composition and mystery that it expresses. Another criterion that was brought to consideration was the contribution of each photo to the research field.”

The nine winning photographs, as well as eight runners-up, are on display in the first-floor hallways of the Goodman building. The displayed photos were printed using “Fusion Wall”, an Israeli technology that uses UV printing and seven different colors to give pictures a glossy and shiny appearance. Guests are invited to walk around and appreciate the scientific work done here at ELSC.

And the winners are:

Name of work: Network

Submitted by: Walaa Oweis

Lab: Eran Meshorer

Description: Neurons (Red) and Gila (Green) in a 17 days old mouse’s brain

Name of work: Dendrites

Submitted by: Amir Dudai & Nadav Yaron

Lab: London’s, Soreq’s and Mizrahi’s Lab

Description: Fluorescent VIP/ChAT neurons in the cortex of a mouse, imaged in a high resolution with a confocal microscope (300 um width x 700 um height)

Name of work: Organoids

Submitted by: Moria Ben Yishay

Lab: Meshorer’s Lab

Description: Mini-brain organoid

Name of work: Connections

Submitted by: Elior Drori, Rona Shaharabani, Shai Berman, Shir Filo, and Aviv Mezer

Lab: Mezer’s Lab

Description: A tractography of the brain of an ELSC postdoctoral fellow, viewed from above

Name of work: Electrodes

Submitted by: Maciej M Jankowski

Lab: Nelken’s Lab

Description: Sagittal section of the rat brain

Name of work: Attentiveness

Submitted by: Adi Kaduri Amichai

Lab: London’s Lab

Description: The locus coeruleus (LC) in the mouse brain

Name of work: Perception

Submitted by: Hadar Levi Aharoni

Lab: Tishby’s Lab

Description: An hourglass-shaped illustration of the brain

Name of work: Light Adaptation

Submitted by: Prof. Baruch Minke

Lab: Minke’s LabDescription: A fluorescence image of the fly retina, showing light-activated movement of the light-sensitive TRPL ion channel

Name of work: Hippocampus

Submitted by: Chen Shani

Lab: Hyadata’s Lab

Description: A confocal microscopy image of a mouse hippocampus

Name of work: Transgene

Submitted by: Hodaya Vrubel

Lab: Habib’s Lab

Description: An image of a primary cell culture containing different cell types from a mouse brain

Name of work: Astrocytes

Submitted by: Hodaya Vrubel

Lab: Habib’s Lab

Description: A primary cell culture containing astrocytes from a mouse brain

Name of work: Wiring

Submitted by: Ben Jerry Gonzales

Lab: Citri’s Lab

Description: Coronal sections through a mouse brain

Name of work: Computation

Submitted by: David Beniaguev

Lab: London’s and Segev’s Lab

Description: Illustrations of the output of a computer simulation of a layer 5 cortical pyramidal neuron from rat somatosensory cortex

Name of work: Neurogenesis

Submitted by: Haran Shani-Narkiss

Lab: Mizrahi’s Lab

Description: Adult-born neurons

Name of work: Diversity

Submitted by: Or Gold and Adi Ravid

Lab: Habib’s Lab

Description: Cells in the hippocampus of healthy, wild-type mice and of Alzheimer’s disease mice

Name of work: Neuroimaging

Submitted by: Roey Schurr

Lab: Mezer’s Lab

Description: Left and right views of the human brain using MRI

“Working memory”