ELSC Heller Lecture Series

Heller Lecture Series in Computational Neuroscience

Prof. Kia Nobre

Oxford University

Perceiving with the benefit of hindsight

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Perceiving with the benefit of hindsight

Memories are about the past but they serve the future. Much of memory research emphasises the rearward arrow of memory, acting to remember aspects of the past. Instead, in this talk I will focus on the forward arrow of memory, acting to anticipate relevant elements to come and thus guide perception. Memories of different types and over multiple timescales shape what we pick up and act upon from the boundless offerings in the environment. In and of themselves, memories are formed according to their expected future demands. Their traces are selective, adaptive, and prospective. New findings help us rethink the quality and purpose of memories, moving from inert representational states to proactive functional states.


March 14th, 2019
17:00 (IST)


Becker Auditorium, Goodman Brain Sciences Building.

“Working memory”