ELSC Seminar Series

Prof. Inna Slutsky

Tel Aviv University
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine

Firing Rate Homeostasis in Neural Circuits: From basic principles to malfunctions

Maintaining average activity level within a set-point range constitutes a fundamental property of central neural circuits. Accumulated evidence suggests that firing rate distributions and their means represent physiological variables regulated by homeostatic systems during sleep-wake cycle in central neural circuits. While intracellular Ca2+ has long been hypothesized as a feedback control signal, the source of Ca2+ and the molecular machinery enabling network-wide homeostatic responses remain largely unknown. I will present our hypothesis and  framework on identifying homeostatic regulators in neural circuits. Next, I will show our new results on the role of mitochondria in the regulation of activity set-points and feedback responses. Finally, I will provide an evidence on state-dependent dysregulation of activity set-points at the presymptomatic disease stage in familial Alzheimer’s models.

Seminar Date & Time:

June 3rd, 2021
14:00 (IST)
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“Working memory”