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Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Kadmon for receiving the Azrieli Early Career Faculty Fellowship.

The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Jonathan Kadmon has been selected as one of the eight recipients of the Azrieli Early Career Faculty Fellowships for 2021.  These fellowships are awarded to scientists and scholars at Israeli universities from all academic disciplines, based on their potential to have cutting-edge contributions in their respective fields.

The Azrieli Foundation was established in 2008 and partners with Israeli universities to fund faculty positions and to provide generous research grants. The Early Career Faculty Fellowships, which include a research grant of up to $210,000, facilitate the recruitment of top researchers into tenure-track faculty positions.

Dr. Kadmon, who joined ELSC in March 2021, started his academic career at Tel Aviv University, where he studied physics and biology. He then continued with a master’s degree in biology and a doctoral degree in Physics at the Hebrew University, under the supervision of ELSC member Prof. Haim Sompolinsky. After finishing his Ph.D., Dr. Kadmon completed his postdoctoral training at Stanford University with Prof. Surya Ganguli.

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