EVCF Vector Tools


 Recombinant AAV (rAAV)

rAAV vectors have become an important research tools for wide array of applications in neuroscience, for both in vitro and in vivoexperiments. These vectors allow very efficient and specific transduction of candidate genes of interest to the target neurons and glia cells. A major advantage of AAV vectors is the long-term expression of transgenes, following the gene delivery.Currently, up to ten distinct AAV serotypes had been isolated, studied and applied for both basic research and clinical gene therapy. EVCF had succeeded in production of all eight relevant AAV serotypes that have been implemented in the neuroscience experiments, meeting the research demands of ELSC laboratories.



 Recombinant lentiviruses (rLV)

 Lentiviruses are additional versatile neuroscience tools due to their ability to target both dividing and non-dividing cells. These viruses enable long-term stable gene expression thanks for their permanent integration into the host genome.