EVCF Service & Support

EVCF offers a comprehensive toolbox of the essential vector technologies and services:

  •  Consulting service for the researchers

Support on experimental design, manufacturing and use of custom vectors.
Information and expert guidance in all vectors-related research aspects.

  •  rAAV vectors

EVCF provides inventory (ready to use) or tailor-made vectors for specific in vitro and invivo applications.
rAAV vectors are available in AAV1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, DJ and Retro serotypes.

  •  rLV vectors

Tailor-made rLV vectors can be manufactured upon request; optional in-place training is also available.
rLV vectors can be supplied as a crude preparation supernatant for infecting cells in vitro or as purified and concentrated vector preparations for in vivo experiments.

  •  Vector design 

Source of cloning vectors for researchers prior to vector design and manufacturing.
Wide array of genes for fluorescent marker proteins, bicistronic constructs and tissue-specific promoters and a library of relevant genes for the neuroscience applications.

  •  Plasmid DNA amplification and analysis

DNA amplification (midi/maxi preps)
Restriction enzyme digestions

  •  Vector quality control analysis

Genomic titer determination by qPCR
Vector infection activity  in vitro assay