Scanner Reservation

To book a scan, visit the online scan scheduler here(Internal)

After login to the system, a calendar of the current month appears with radiology technician (RT) availability in green. 

Time allocated should include patient preparation, running experiment, burning CD and preparing the room for the next lab. Press ‘Booking’ on the day of your choice and fill the required fields.


Booking Policy for a Human Session: 

COVID-19 Status: The Hebrew university is operating according to the green badge (Tav Yarok) regulations. Entering the campus is permitted upon proof of vaccination / negative COVID test. This will be checked at the campus gates and not at the ENU. It is the researcher’s responsibility to verify that the participant(s) are eligible for entering the campus grounds.

Please remember that you should wear a mask, keep social distancing, and sterilize your hands even when in Tav Yarok environment.

With the transition to Tav Yarok, our booking policy has returned to normal:

Reserving a timeslot for a human session should be done at least 24 hours in advance. The minimum session length is 2 hours.

Modifying a session, such as changing its start time or duration, must be done at least 72 hours in advance.

Cancelling a timeslot for a human session must be done at least 72 in advance; otherwise, the lab’s account will be charged in full. If you cancel a timeslot with fewer than 72 hours’ notice, you can mark the session “for adoption”; if the session is subsequently reserved by another lab, you will not be charged. The ENU will email all operators if a reservation is deleted or changed within 72-96 hours of its scheduled start time.


Booking Policy for a Phantom Session: 

Booking can be done 24 hours before, with or without RT. If RT is not required, it’s your responsibility to verify the unit is open.!!

Cancellation can be done at least 72 hours before session, otherwise, user will be fully charged. However, you can still mark the session for adoption by another lab during the 72h hours before the session. If adopted by another lab, you’ll not be charged. 

A message will be sent by mail to all users, if reservation is delete/change between 72-96 hours

Downloading Your Data

Before Scan: In Syngo (the scanner's software), under Patient Registration - make sure the RT fills your PI name under 'Requesting Physician' .

After Scan : You can download your data in two ways:  

  • From the PACS server(Internal) by using your lab username and password. 
  • Through the scanner reservation system(Internal). Under the tab named DICOM (Beta) you will find an option to choose the day of the experiment and selected from a list of scans. Downloaded scans keep the informative naming.

Please remember that although we currently keep all data on our servers, this policy may change in the future (with notice). Also remember that it is the researcher's responsibility to keep the data in compliance with the relevant regulations.