Dr. David Omer
June 19, 2018
Social-spatial neuronal representations: from bats to primates
Mark Shein-Idelson
June 12, 2018
Sliders & Dragons: An evolutionary perspective on the cortex
Massimo Scanziani
May 29, 2018
A Cortical Visual Area for the Processing of Collicular Information
Ariel Rokem
May 31, 2018
The era of brain observatories: challenges and opportunities for machine learning in large human neuroscience datasets
Daniel Margulies
May 22, 2018
“Topographic principles of macroscale cortical connectivity”
Yehudit Cohen
May 28, 2018
“The Future is Here - Biobanks as a research enabler”
Dr. Pablo Blinder
May 8, 2018
Deciphering neurovascular interactions at the cellular level using optical tools and vascular perturbations
Winrich Freiwald
May 16, 2018
The Dual Face on the Networks of Facial Perception and Movement
Asya Rolls
May 1, 2018
It takes a brain to control immunity