Article of the Month

DORA The Explorer: Directed Outreaching Reinforcement Action-Selection
Smooth pursuit eye movement of monkeys naive to laboratory setups with pictures and artificial stimuli
Desynchronization of slow oscillations in the basal ganglia during natural sleep
Astrocytic Activation Generates De Novo Neuronal Potentiation and Memory Enhancement
AOM-42018 Burak
Theory of nonstationary Hawkes processes
AOM 042018 soreq
Intensify3D: Normalizing signal intensity in large heterogenic image stacks
Genetic tagging of active neurons in auditory cortex reveals maternal plasticity of coding ultrasonic vocalizations
Rich cell-type-specific network topology in neocortical microcircuitry
Article of the Month, March 2018 (Zohary's lab)
Object representations in human visual cortex formed through temporal integration of dynamic partial-shape views
Article of the Month, March 2018 (Citri's lab)
Salient experiences are represented by unique transcriptional signatures in the mouse brain