Article of the Month

Rich cell-type-specific network topology in neocortical microcircuitry
Article of the Month, March 2018 (Zohary's lab)
Object representations in human visual cortex formed through temporal integration of dynamic partial-shape views
Article of the Month, March 2018 (Citri's lab)
Salient experiences are represented by unique transcriptional signatures in the mouse brain
Article of the Month, February 2018 (Meshorer's lab)
PARP1-dependent eviction of the linker histone H1 mediates immediate early gene expression during neuronal activation
Computer-based radiological longitudinal evaluation of meningiomas following stereotactic radiosurger
Zohary AOM 012018
Lack of Automatic Imitation in Newly Sighted Individuals
AOM Mizrahi 122017
Functional Plasticity of Odor Representations during Motherhood
AOM Loewenstein 122017
Intrinsic volatility of synaptic connections — a challenge to the synaptic trace theory of memory
AOM Segev 122017
Comprehensive Morpho-Electrotonic Analysis Shows 2 Distinct Classes of L2 and L3 Pyramidal Neurons in Human Temporal Cortex
AOM 12-2017 fig
Optimal Degrees of Synaptic Connectivity