Article of the Month

The effect of motion correction interpolation on quantitative T1 mapping with MRI
Article of the Month, January 2019 (Joshua's lab)
Encoding of Reward and Decoding Movement from the Frontal Eye Field during Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements
Article of the Month, December 2018 (Loewenstein's lab)
Inhibitory connectivity defines the realm of excitatory plasticity
Coordinated cerebellar climbing fiber activity signals learned sensorimotor predictions
Striatal action-value neurons reconsidered
AOM 112018-Mezer
Tractography optimization using quantitative T1 mapping in the human optic radiation
Adrenergic Modulation Regulates the Dentiric Excitability of Layer 5 Pyramidal Neurons In Vivo
Article of the Month, October 2018 (Sompolinsky's lab)
Classification and Geometry of General Perceptual Manifolds
AOM 092018-Citri
The Claustrum Supports Resilience to Distraction
AOM 092018-Prut
Cerebellar Shaping of Motor Cortical Firing Is Correlated with Timing of Motor Actions