Prof. Amir Amedi

סדרת כתבות "סיפורים מהקופסא" ערוץ 10
חוקרי המרכז התראיינו לסדרה החדשה 'סיפורים מהקופסה', הנותנת הצצה אל התעלומות שמנסה המדע לפצח בחקר המוח
הטכנולוגיה הישראלית שעוזרת לעיוורים לראות
"משהו לא בסדר עם השמים - יש בהם כתמים לבנים", כך פסק עיוור מלידה שנתקל לראשונה בחייו בעננים - הכל בזכות טכנולוגיה מהפכנית שפיתח פרופ' אמיר עמדי
Illustration demonstrates the concept of visual-to auditory sensory substitution
Common wisdom has it that if the visual cortex in the brain is deprived of visual information in early infanthood, it may never develop properly its functional specialization, making sight restoration later in life almost impossible.
ERC grants to three ELSC's researchers
Prof. Amir Amedi, Prof. Hagai Bergman, Prof. Hermona Soreq - We congratulate you for winning this Prestigious and important grant! We send you wishes for success in the great challenge you took upon yourselves We thank you for making us so proud of you!
J. Post: Science-fiction brain technology to become reality
Israeli and foreign researchers present developing technologies for the ill and disabled at the Presidential Conference.
Dr. Amedi wearing one of the SSD devices
Brain scientists tap into visual cortex of people suffering from congenital blindness – making it possible for them to “see.”
sensory substitution SSD
Scientists at the Hebrew University have tapped onto the visual cortex of the congenitally blind by using sensory substitution, a way to convert visual information to sounds or touch
Hebrew U device uses sonar to help the blind navigate
The "virtual cane" incorporates several sensors that estimate the distance between the user and the object it is pointed at.
President Peres opens Hebrew University exhibit at Presidential Conference
The exhibit is the largest showcase of the Hebrew University ever undertaken, providing visitors with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at groundbreaking research.
Seeing with your ears
Dr. Amir Amedi on Seeing with Your Ears at YOUR HEALTH® radion.