Noga Weiss Mosheiff

Noga Weiss Mosheiff

Ph.D. Student

Noga Mosheiff is a Ph.D. candidate in physics. Noga completed her B.Sc. degree in physics and mathematics (Magna cum Laude) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and earned her M.Sc. degree in physics (Magna cum Laude) at the Hebrew University. Her M.Sc. thesis, supervised by Prof. Nathalie Balaban, was on the topic: “Cell cycle duration correlations within a lineage as a probe of deterministic cell to cell variability”. Her current research is concerned with grid cell encoding and dynamics in the entorhinal cortex. Noga focuses on the efficiency of the grid cell code for position, and on the possible benefit for stability of such a code resulting from recurrent connectivity within the grid-cell network.__


Contact information

Dancinger B 104, Edmond J Safra Campus, Hebrew University,  Jerusalem 

Recent publications

  • Mosheiff, N. & Burak, Y. Stabilizing the grid cell representation by coupling modules through recurrent synaptic connectivity in the Entorhinal Cortex. (in preparation).
  • Mosheiff, N., Martins, B. M. C., Pearl-Mizrahi, S., Grünberger, A., Helfrich, S., Mihalcescu, I., Kohlheyer, D., Locke, J. C. W., Glass, L. & Balaban, N. Q. Inheritance of Cell-Cycle Duration in the Presence of Periodic Forcing. Phys. Rev. X  (2018).
  • N. Mosheiff, H. Agmon, A. Moriel, and Y. Burak, An efficient coding theory for a dynamic trajectory predicts non-uniform allocation of entorhinal grid cells to modules, PLoS Computational Biology (2017)
  • O. Sandler, S. Pearl Mizrahi, N. Weiss, O. Agam, I. Simon, and N.Q. Balaban, Lineage correlations of single cell division time as a probe of cell-cycle dynamics, Nature (2015)
  • Kaspy, E. Rotem, N. Weiss, I. Ronon, N.Q. Balaban, and G. Glaser, HipA-mediated antibiotic persistence via phosphorylation of the glutamyl-tRNA-synthetase, Nature Communications (2013)