Vitaly Lerner

Vitaly Lerner

PhD Student

B.Sc. in Physics, M.Sc. in Neurobiology

Interests: Electrophysiology, Synaptic plasticity, Optogenetics, Gap Junctions, Human Brain


Contact information

Silbermann Institute 3-316

Recent publications

"The sparse cortical ChAT/VIP interneuron population disproportionately excites the cortical circuit in vivo" Amir Dudai, Vitaly Lerner, Nadav Yayon, Hermona Soreq, Michael London, in prep

"Progerin-Induced Transcriptional Changes in Huntington’s Disease Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neurons" Dorit Cohen-Carmon, Matan Sorek, Vitaly Lerner, Malka Nissim-Rafinia, Yosef Yarom, and Eran Meshorer, Molecular Neurobiology 2019

“Shaping Laguerre–Gaussian laser modes with binary gratings using a digital micromirror device” Vitaly Lerner, David Shwa, Yehonathan Drori, and Nadav Katz , Optics Letters 2012