Alex Kazakov

Alex Kazakov

PhD Student
ELSC Class
24 (2016)

I hold a B.Sc. in Computational Biology (Bioinformatics) from Hebrew University with specialization in computer vision and computational neuroscience. The title of the B.Sc. thesis is “An automatic tracking system for measuring activity of single neurons in freely-behaving animals”, which I accomplished in the lab of Prof. Alon Zaslaver.
Currently I am a Ph.D. candidate in ELSC (HUJI), working in the lab of prof. Israel Nelken. The title of the current project is “Predicting rat's behavior and neuronal activity from its in-silico model”. The project combines biological experiments on reinforcement learning of rats, together with advanced machine learning approaches such as Deep Reinforcement learning, data driven computer vision and exploration of high-dimensional dynamics of the artificial neural networks.
I am highly interested in the correlation of the artificial intelligence with the biological one, with the goal to unveil the similarities and the differences between the two.


Recent publications

Itskovits, E., Ruach, R., Kazakov, A. et al. Concerted pulsatile and graded neural dynamics enables efficient chemotaxis in C. elegansNat Commun 9, 2866 (2018). 

Kazakov A., Jankowski M., Nelken N. (2018) Acoustic recordings data from an echoic environment and a toolkit for its analysis, Data in Brief, Vol: 21.

Kazakov A., Nelken N. (2018) Acoustic calibration in an echoic environment. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Vol: 309. 

Iwanir, S., Brown, A. S., Nagy, S., Najjar, D., Kazakov, A., Lee, K. Zaslaver, A., Levine, E., Biron, d. (2016). Serotonin promotes exploitation in complex environments by accelerating decision-making. BMC Biology, 14(1), 9.