Robert Reiner PhD

Robert Reiner PhD

lab manager

I completed my PhD at the Hebrew University at the Molecular Biology department. My PhD concerned the question of how human small non-coding RNA genes are transcribed and how their transcripts are processed. In my PhD which was followed by a Postdoc out of passion to this research and lab - we showed that transcription of these genes which is mediated by RNA polymerase III involves a ribonucleoprotein, termed RNase P. This period was followed by a research associate position at the Immunology department where I was involved in a study of small-peptides for treatment of a human-diabetes model in mice. In a second project I characterized populations of human Mesenchymal stem-cells following hip-injury in elder people. 

After working for some time in a cell immunotherapy biotechnology-company I joined a lab at the Biochemistry and molecular biology department in which I was the lab manger. My main research-project over there dealt with whether a novel IGF-1 signaling inhibitor can protect mice from an Alzheimer-like disease.


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