Halen Baker

Halen Baker

MSc student

I received my BA from Boston University in Neuroscience in 2015. Prior to my master's work at Prof. Hagai Bergman's lab I was a research assistant at the Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory at Harvard Medical School and at the Sagol Brain Institute at Ichilov Hospital. My research interests include human and non-human primate neuroimaging and neuro-stimulation techniques (EEG, fMRI, TMS, tDCS, DBS).



Contact information

Hadassah Hospital (Ein Kerem), HUJI Medical School, Floor 5, Office 42.

Recent publications

Gilam, G., Abend, R., Gurevitch, G., Erdman, A., Baker, H., Ben-Zion, Z., & Hendler, T. (2018). Attenuating anger and aggression with neuromodulation of the vmPFC: A simultaneous tDCS-fMRI study. Cortex109, 156-170.