Noa Peretz-Rivlin

Noa Peretz-Rivlin

PhD Student
ELSC Class
23 (2015)

I did my B.A in Psychology and Cognitive science in the Hebrew university. Following which I joined the direct PhD program at ELSC. My PhD research, is focused on studying the claustrum, a small nucleus of vast connectivity, and its roll in attention and cortical gain. In particular, I am interested in cortical modulation performed by the claustrum, and am focusing on the frontal cortex. The methods I use combine both behavioral and electrophysiological experiments.


Contact information

Goodman Building, room 1106. The Safra Campus of the Hebrew University, Givat-Ram, Jerusalem

Recent publications

Atlan, G., Terem, A., Peretz-Rivlin, N., Sehrawat, K., Gonzales, B. J., Pozner, G., ... & Lim, B. K. (2018). The claustrum supports resilience to distraction. Current Biology, 28(17), 2752-2762.

Atlan, G., Terem, A., Peretz‐Rivlin, N., Groysman, M., & Citri, A. (2017). Mapping synaptic cortico‐claustral connectivity in the mouse. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 525(6), 1381-1402.