Anna Terem (Nudler)

Anna Terem (Nudler)

PhD Student

I started my academic path in Hadassah Academic College, majoring biotechnology. Currently I Study towards a Ph.D. in Brain and Behavioral Sciences. My dissertation thesis focuses on a comprehensive characterization of the role dopamine plays in the claustrum.


Contact information

Goodman Building, room 1106. The Safra Campus of the Hebrew University, Givat-Ram, Jerusalem

Recent publications

Atlan* and Terem* et al., The Claustrum Supports Resilience to Distraction. Curr Biol 28, 2752-2762 e2757 (2018).

Deczkowska et al. (2017), Mef2C restrains microglial inflammatory response and is lost in brain ageing IFN-I-dependent manner, Nature Communications.

Atlan et al. (2016), Mapping Synaptic Cortico-Claustral Connectivity in the Mouse, J Comp Neuro 525(6); 1381-1402.