Gal Atlan

Gal Atlan

PhD Student
ELSC Class
22 (2014)

I did my undergraduate studies at the Hebrew University, majoring in Cognitive Science and History. My current research focuses on the claustrum, a small brain structure whose function is only now being uncovered. I combine physiology and behavior in transgenic mice to record and manipulate claustral neurons in vivo. I am particularly interested in the connectivity and function of genetically and anatomically defined neuronal circuits.


Recent publications

Atlan* and Terem* et al., The Claustrum Supports Resilience to Distraction. Curr Biol 28, 2752-2762 e2757 (2018).

This study was highlighted in Nature Reviews Neuroscience

As well as in a Dispatch in Current Biology

A lay audience summary of the paper was featured at TheScienceBreaker


Atlan et al. (2016), Mapping Synaptic Cortico-Claustral Connectivity in the Mouse, J Comp Neuro 525(6); 1381-1402.


Goll*, Atlan*, and Citri, (2015), Attention: The Claustrum, Trends in Neurosciences 38(8); 486-495.


*equal contributors.