Shai Ofek

Shai Ofek

PhD Student

I am a MD/PhD student. Finished with excellence my BsC degree in Biological Sciences, HU.

I investigate the molecular basis of neural crest to roof plate transition. I performed a differential transcriptome analysis between the two stages and uncovered several roof plate-specific genes whose function in roof plate formation I am currently investigating.


Contact information

Dept. of Medical Neurobiology. Faculty of Medicine. 6th floor, room 47.

Recent publications

Nitzan, E; Avraham, O., Kahane, N., Ofek, S., Kumar, D., and Kalcheim, C. (2016)

Dynamics of BMP and Hes1/Hairy1 signaling in the dorsal neural tube underlies the

transition from Neural Crest to definitive Roof Plate. BMC Biology, 14:23.

DOI 10.1186/s12915-016-0245-6 (Featured Article).