Nitza Kahane PhD

Nitza Kahane PhD

Senior Scientist

Following my post-doctoral training in the Kalcheim Lab. I stayed as a Senior Scientist.  I worked for years on the mechanisms of early muscle development and currently investigate the role of the morphogen Sonic hedgehog circulating through the paraxial mesoderm in regulating neural patterning and motoneuron differentiation.


Contact information

Dept. of Medical Neurobiology. IMRIC and ELSC-. Faculty of Medicine, 6th floor, room 46.

Recent publications

Ben-Yair, R, Kahane, N. and Kalcheim, C (2011). LGN-dependent orientation of cell divisions in the dermomyotome controls lineage segregation into muscle and dermis. Development, 138, 4155-4166.

Kahane, N., Ribes, V., Kicheva, A., Briscoe, J. and Kalcheim, C  (2013) Transition from differentiation to growth during dermomyotome-derived myogenesis depends on temporally restricted Hedgehog signaling. Development 140, 1740-1750.