Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Program in Brain Sciences

Program Description:

We at ELSC, invite you to be part of our flourishing research environment and community. We focus, in particular, on the theoretical and experimental study of the dynamics and computational capabilities of neural networks. Our goal is to develop new insights into the mechanisms underlying normal brain function and brain dysfunction. 


We offer:

  • State-of-the-art laboratories
  • Distinguished faculty
  • Generous Postdoctoral scholarships are available
  • Enriched academic milieu
  • Established ties and frequent collaborations with world renowned labs
  • Opportunities to audit advanced courses
  • Rich student and postdoctoral environments
  • Postdoctoral support staff 


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Postdoctoral Opportunities 2018-2019
Postdoc opportunities at ELSC - 2018
Requirements, application procedures and forms
Requirements, application procedures and forms for ELSC post doc fellowship program for training in the HU
Terms of Fellowship
Terms of Fellowship for ELSC postdoc program in brain sciences
Useful Information
It is recommended that students planning to arrive in Israel for a post-doctoral internship acquire a multiple-entry A/2 student visa from the Israeli Consulate in their country
Hebrew University regulations governing Post-Doctoral
Excerpts from the University Regulations Governing Post-Doctoral Fellows