Prof. Hermona Soreq

Geula Hanin

PhD student

2011 – present

Direct PhD studies (Biochemistry), HUJ

2010 – 2011

M.Sc, Interfaculty Biotechnology program, HUJ

2006 – 2009

B.Sc, Chemistry and Biology, HUJ


Teaching experience

2013 – present

Teaching assistant in the advanced laboratory course for Etgar honor program students:  ”MicroRNA regulation and modulation in vitro and in vivo


2012 – present

Teaching assistant in the course “Ethical use of laboratory animals"

Teaching assistant in the course “The degenerating brain – from research to hope”.


Research interests

  • micoRNAs regulating  the cholinergic system.
  • Multiple microRNA-target competition.
  • Single-nucleotide polymorphisms affecting miR-target binding.
  • Misregualted microRNAs and targets in disease.

Fellowships and Awards


  • The Authority for Research Students, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, travel award for the RNA silencing meeting, Seattle, USA.


  • The ImmunoSensation Cluster of Excellence travel award, scientific meeting, Bonn, Germany.
  • The International Society for Neurochemistry, travel award for the 24thbiennial meeting, Mexico.


  • Noah Lichtenstein Prize, The Department of Biological Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.