Prof. Idan Segev

Prof. Idan Segev

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Institute of Life Sciences, Department of Neurobiology
and Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC)
The David & Inez Myers Chair in Computational Neuroscience
The Hebrew University, Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram
Jerusalem, 91904, Israel.
Tel: (972)- 2- 6585984 (lab.)
Fax: (972)- 2- 6586296 (lab.)


Idan Segev is the David & Inez Myers Professor in Computational Neuroscience and former director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation (ICNC) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he received his B.Sc (1973) in Math and Ph.D (1982) in experimental and theoretical neurobiology. He initiated the prestigious international EU course in Computational Neuroscience (starting in Crete, Greece then in Trieste Italy and presently in Frieburg, Germany). His work is published in the top journal such as Science, Nature, PNAS and he received several awards including “best teacher” in international brain-courses. His research team utilizes computational and theoretical tools to study how neurons, the elementary microchips of the brain, compute and dynamically adapt to our ever-changing environment. In recent years, his group worked jointly with several experimental groups worldwide in an endeavor to model a whole piece of the mammalian cortex with the ultimate goal to unravel how local fine variations within the cortical network underlie specific behavioral function and may give rise to certain brain diseases or to a healthy and “individual” brains. Idan Segev takes a keen interest in the connection between art and the brain and recently co-edited an “Artists” book with original etchings by ten top Israeli artists prompted by an encounter with ICNC researchers.

  • Information processing and computation in cortical neurons
  • Synaptic learning and plasticity rules in dendritic trees
  • Design principles for synaptic inhibition in dendrites (New)
  • Functional modules in neuronal sensory processing (New Max Planck Center at   Hebrew University, with T. Bonhoeffer, A. Borst, B. Sakmann (MPI) and A. Mizrahi, H. Sompolinsky, ELSC)
  • Processing of visual and somatosensory information in realistic cortical networks (with K. Martin and B. Sakmann)
  • Computer simulations of cortical circuits (with H. Markram)

  • Our Research is supported by generous grants from the ONRNIMHBSF, and the ISF and by the Blue Brain Project