Neural interactions in the frontal cortex of a behaving monkey: signs of dependence on stimulus context and behavioral state

In order to gain an understanding of the processes taking place within and between neuronal assemblies, we made simultaneous recordings of spike trains from groups of up to 11 neurons in the frontal cortex of a rhesus monkey, that was trained to perform a sensorimotor behavioral task. We report here on preliminary results from correlation analysis of these neuronal activities, with special emphasis on signs of behaviorally induced modifications of neural interaction, possibly due to rapid modulations of discharge synchronization among the neurons. Our findings suggest that different functional groups of neurons may co-exist within each small volume of cortex, and that neurons may be dynamically recruited into such a group to fulfil a specific function.

Authors: Aertsen A, Vaadia E, Abeles M, Ahissar E, Bergman H, Karmon B, Lavner Y, Margalit E, Nelken I, Rotter S.
Year of publication: 1991
Journal: J Hirnforsch. 1991;32(6):735-43.

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