Evaluation framework for carotid bifurcation lumen segmentation and stenosis grading

This paper describes an evaluation framework that allows a standardized and objective quantitative comparison of carotid artery lumen segmentation and stenosis grading algorithms. We describe the data repository comprising 56 multi-center, multi-vendor CTA datasets, their acquisition, the creation of the reference standard and the evaluation measures. This framework has been introduced at the MICCAI 2009 workshop 3D Segmentation in the Clinic: A Grand Challenge III, and we compare the results of eight teams that participated. These results show that automated segmentation of the vessel lumen is possible with a precision that is comparable to manual annotation. The framework is open for new submissions through the website

Authors: K. Hameeteman, M.A. Zuluagab, M. Freiman, L. Joskowicz, O. Cuisenaire, L. Flórez Valencia, M.A. Gülsün, K. Krissian, J. Mille, W.C.K. Wong, M. Orkisz, H. Tek, M. Hernández Hoyos, F. Benmansour, A.C.S. Chung, S. Rozie, M. van Gils, L. van den Borne, J. Sosna, P. Berman, N. Cohen, P.C. Douekn, I. Sánchez, M. Aissat, M. Schaap, C.T. Metz, G.P. Krestin, A. van der Lugt, W.J. Niessen, T. van Walsum
Year of publication: 2011
Journal: Medical Image Analysis, Volume 15, Issue 4, Pages 477-488

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