Effect of Random Anisotropy on the Critical Properties of CuMn Spin Glasses

We present SQUID measurements of the nonlinear susceptibility χnl of “pure” CuMn and CuMn doped with gold impurities with concentrations CAu of 1, 2, and 3 at.%. Gold impurities suppress the magnitude of χnl. Ordinary one-parameter scaling with respect to field and temperature is obeyed by χnl of the pure CuMn. However, strong deviations from this scaling behavior are observed in the gold-doped samples in the vicinity of the freezing temperature and in low fields, H<H∗ where H∗increases with c. This is interpreted as the onset of an anisotropy-induced crossover from a Heisenberg to an Ising spin-glass critical behavior.

Authors: Y. Yeshurun and H. Sompolinsky
Year of publication: 1986
Journal: Phys. Rev. Lett. 56, 984 – Published 3 March 1986

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