An overview of computer-integrated surgery at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

This paper describes some past and current research activities at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. We begin with a brief overview of the emerging field of computer-integrated surgery, followed by a research strategy that enables a computer-oriented research laboratory such as ours to participate in this emerging field. We then present highlights of our past and current research in four key areas—orthopaedics, craniofacial surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and medical modeling—and elaborate on the relationship of this work to emerging topics in computer-integrated surgery.

Authors: R. H. Taylor ; J. Funda ; L. Joskowicz ; A. D. Kalvin ; S. H. Gomory ; A. P. Gueziec ; L. M. G. Brown
Year of publication: 1996
Journal: IBM Journal of Research and Development, Volume 40, Issue 2, Pages 163 - 183

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