Terms of Fellowship

  1. Generous Postdoctoral scholarships are granted to ELSC international fellows, for a period of two years with an option to extend. 
  2. A post-doctoral fellowship will not begin more than five years after the approval of the candidate's doctoral thesis.


Please note:

  • Stipends paid to Post-doctoral Fellows are considered by the Authorities in Israel as grants and are free of any tax in Israel
  • Please note that international fellows are required to obtain an A2 student visa prior to taking up the fellowship at the Hebrew University. For assistance in this matter please contact brain@elsc.huji.ac.il
  •  All the intellectual rights pertaining to any invention developed by a Fellow as a result of or in the course of his/her research work at the Hebrew University and/or resulting from the use of University laboratories or property shall entirely belong to the University. The Fellow will be entitled to royalties deriving from patent registration of any such invention, as prescribed in the University Regulations


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