Requirements, Application Procedures and Forms

The successful candidate will demonstrate a record of excellence in his/her field. Applicants are expected to work closely with other research teams and develop a solid theoretical and computational foundation in their area of research. Specific emphasis will be placed on interdisciplinary research that uses molecular, optical and electrophysiological methods for manipulating neuronal networks that are directly related to specific behaviors.


Admission Requirements:

1. Students in an accredited institution of higher education whose PhD training and postdoctoral projects are in the field of Brain Sciences.

2. Students whose Doctoral degree has been submitted in the current year of applying or will be approved by the following year.

3. Prospective applicants are required to have a host from the ELSC’s  PIs  


Note: applicants who will receive the fellowship must begin their postdoc within 6 months after receiving the acceptance letter. 


The applications will be reviewed twice a year. The application deadlines are as follows:

1. November 30

2. May 31