Figure 7 from the article
This Article of the month: Evaluating Quantitative Proton-Density-Mapping Methods is the work of Aviv Mezer ,Ariel Rokem, Shai Berman, Trevor Hastie, and Brian A. Wandell.
Award At FENS Forum 2016
European Neuroscience Outreach Award Goes to Hebrew University's ELSC Brain Sciences Center
Article of the Month July 2016
Multisensory processes are fundamental in perception, cognition, learning, and behavior. How do stimuli of different sensory modalities are integrated ?
Prof. Baruch Minke and Dr. Alex Binshtok Awarded TEVA Grant
A grant submitted to the prestigious "National Network of Excellence" (NNE) of TEVA by Baruch Minke, Alex Binshtok
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An annual meeting brings together Arab and Israeli neuroscientists.
prof. Hanoch Gutfreund
Professor Hanoch Gutfreund awarded Gothberg Prize for Jewish Education
Figure from the article
Mallet et al. (2016) show that ‘‘arkypallidal’’ neurons provide a Stop signal, suppressing the development of Go-related striatal activity
Figure 10 from the article
The reaserchers mapped the cortical projections from various sensory, motor, and executive cortices to the claustrum of the mouse
Outstanding Achievement Awards to ELSC studnet
The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences granted Achievement Awards to Outstanding Students
סדרת כתבות "סיפורים מהקופסא" ערוץ 10
חוקרי המרכז התראיינו לסדרה החדשה 'סיפורים מהקופסה', הנותנת הצצה אל התעלומות שמנסה המדע לפצח בחקר המוח